Four Easy Peasy Cash Back and Reward Apps

Reward Apps

Do you ever look at all those receipts you have laying around and think, “What a waste”? Not anymore! Now you can get those long slips of paper to earn you some money back! Below you’ll find my four favorite reward apps to earn points towards gift cards and cash back!

Reward Apps


1 Ibotta:

I LOVE Ibotta! And I also love that it’s not just grocery stores. They have so many stores to choose from. And it’s so easy! Just browse the products and click the little plus sign in the corner. Sometimes you may have to answer a one-question survey or watch a 30-second ad, but for the most part that’s it. Then, go to the store, buy your things and scan your receipt when you get home. The cash back ranges anywhere from $0.25 to $2.00 or more! Products pop back up quite often, which is helpful when it’s something you buy often. You can get paid through PayPal or you can choose a gift card. In just a few months I’ve earned over $50! Sign up here and start earning money today!


2 Shopkick: 

Shopkick is super easy, too. While it doesn’t quite have the extensive product choices as Ibotta, you can still rack up the points, or kicks, pretty quick. There are 5 ways to earn loads of kicks:

  • Walk-ins are earned walking into the store. Not all stores offer this and sometimes, like with Walmart, the kicks are not always available to earn. If you tend to go to one store quite often, they seem to limit the number of times you can get this one, but they pop back up after a bit. Don’t forget to turn your Bluetooth on or it won’t work!
  • Scans are fun – you run go around the store scanning products they show in the app.
  • Receipts earn kicks after you buy certain things and then scan it when you’re done.
  • If you link your debit/credit card to the app and use it at certain stores you can earn x amount of kicks per dollar. Carters is an AWESOME way to earn kicks. Right now, they are offering 6 kicks per $1! If you’re like me and buy the whole store for your kid then that’s some pretty good racking up!
  • Discover is a sort of “hidden” way to earn kicks. It’s a separate tab in the app and if you go through the mini-ads there will sometimes be a SURPRISE kick hidden. There are also short video ads that pop up as well. You can earn and not even leave your house!

They have lots of things to earn. Right now I’m saving for a $25 DISNEY gift card! Click and kick with me and we’ll both get 250 kicks after your first scan or walk-in!


3 Fetch Rewards: 

Fetch is a new one for me so I don’t know all the ins & outs quite yet. When you’re done shopping, scan your receipt and it will automatically bring up what you bought and you will earn points for your receipt. You’ll get extra points if you buy one of their sponsored brands 

and even more points if you buy one of the special offers. It’s pretty simple a

nd quick and easy. If you click here and sign up, we can both get 2000 points when you scan your first receipt.


Receipt Hog:

Receipt Hog no longer offers a referral code but I want to share it with you anyway because it’s another good way to earn extra cash, especially if you’re scanning receipts for Ibotta, Shopkick & Fetch. It’s probably the slowest earning of the 4 listed here but it’s the easiest. Scan any type of receipt and you’re done. You’ll either earn an entry toward a monthly drawing, coins which you can cash in for an Amazon gift card or to PayPal, or spins for the in-app slot machine to earn coins or cash. You need 1,000 coins to earn $5 but like I said, if you’re already scanning receipts, why not?

What reward apps have you tried? Let me know how you liked these. And don’t forget to tell your friends to sign up, too!

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