My RAI Experience : Part 3 – Isolation

Isolation after RAI

Cancer. Surgery. Radioactive Iodine. After those things, isolation ain’t nothin’! 

To be honest, I was a little apprehensive about the whole thing at first. As I mentioned in my previous post on RAI (read part two HERE) the longest I’ve been away from Zeb was the one night I was in the hospital when I had my thyroid removed. And even though there were a lot of circumstances revolving around all of my delays leading up to this point, I was actually really looking forward to SLEEP!  I seem to have racked up a lot of IOUs from Mr. Sandman. Am I right, mommies?

So what was I going to do for three whole days ALONE? (Besides catching those Zzzzz’s)

In case you are about to go through the same thing and would like to avoid cabin fever, here is what I brought for entertainment and necessities, and also what I brought to eat (because you have to stay on that icky diet for your “mini-vacay”, too).



  1. Frozen Burgers – I bought a box of Bubba Burgers, pre-cooked them the day before, put them in a Tupperware container and reheated them in my room.
  2. Tea – I kept a 52 oz bottle of Gold Peak Sweet Tea in my mini fridge to give me a little bit of sweetness.
  3. Apples – Gotta have those Honeycrisps. Yum!
  4. Peanut Butter – Okay, so I know the “rules” say no peanut butter. But I found this Maple PB by JIF and ya’ll… it’s to die for! Plus it was low on the sodium and that’s the goal, right?
  5. Bread – I didn’t eat much of the bread. I just brought it to eat with my burgers and some of that peanut butter goodness.
  6. 2 Gallons of Spring Water – You’ve got to flush that radiation out! Drink up!
  7. Rice & Pasta – Premade and in Tupperware ready to eat.
  8. Raisins – These were my lifeline when I was starving. I put a box in a Tupperware container (wow I like to use these things) to keep the freshness and ate them by the handful.
  9. Sour Candies – The doc didn’t tell me about these until the day of, but lemon drops or something like that will help you salivate and pull out the radiation that would otherwise sit in your mouth for ages. I personally don’t like lemon drops so my Aunt picked me up some Sweet Tart Chewy Sours. And boy were they!


  1. Laptop – A little bit of blogging. Some shopping. A few games of solitaire. Some more shopping…
  2. Phone – Don’t forget that charger! This is your lifeline to the outside world.
  3. Roku – Can you say binge-fest? This is the perfect time to catch up on all those shows you love!
  4. Bible – For the times when you need strength and comfort.
  5. Books – I took along some good ol’ Agatha Christie novels.
  6. Picture of Zeb/Verse – I brought a double frame with a picture of my Sugarbean on one side and a print out of my life verse, Philippians 4:13, on the other.
  7. Pen & Paper – You never know when the next billion dollar idea is going to pop into your head!


  1. Cups, Plates, Cutlery, Paper Towels – You’ll want to throw away anything you’ve eaten with or on so as not to spread any radiation around. If you don’t or can’t do that, just make sure you wash your dishes separately from others and run the dishwasher again while empty. (Same goes for your clothes and blankets in the washer, by the way!)
  2. Sheets & blankets – Because I stayed in a hotel, I didn’t want to contaminate the linens and the bed for others so I brought my own. Remember to wash separately when you get home.
  3. Garbage bags – Load up all your garbage (and any pads or tampons) in these babies. I double bagged mine when I left the hotel and left it to get thrown out.
  4. Bath towels & washcloth – Same goes for towels as it did for the sheets. I just brought one towel and a few washcloths. You’ll have to shower every day but I just figured the one towel would suffice.

So how did I fare during isolation?

Not too bad. I binged watched a few things (finally finished Royal Pains!) and I read a little. Mostly I slept. I did get a little bit sick but nothing too horrible. It was more of just a yucky feeling all over and a little nausea. If I was too uncomfortable to fall asleep on my own I would key up The Andy Griffith Show. I know all of the episodes by heart so I can just close my eyes and listen and eventually drift off.

I read on several blogs of people having lingering effects after RAI. My only issue is wicked dry mouth. I know I could get some Biotene but honestly, it has really helped me up my water intake. So I’m not complaining too much.


What to bring during isolation
Yay! You made it! Here’s your free printable!


Have you taken radioactive iodine and gone through isolation?? What did you bring with you to survive?

What do you think??